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Reposition Email Signatures on Reply and Forward

MDaemon Signatures do not appear to be signatures as we come to appreciate in Outlook Emails, but rather a message Disclaimer. It would be nice to have the ability to position the signature after a senders message content added as a message reply or message forward. MDaemon currently adds the signatures to the very bottom of the message content of replied and forwarded messages. This doesn't look very professional when all the signatures appear to be grouped at the bottom of the message. It looks confusing. As a side note, users on mobiles devices with ActiveSync should have their mobile signature removed and an MDaemon user configured signature added for consistency. This could be done by allowing a broader use of MACROS and configuration options within CF Rules.

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  • Webmaster commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The signature should be appended just below a new message that is added, not at the end of the message thread. People don't scroll down to the bottom of thread to see sender signature.

    Presently, signature is appended to the end of the message. And if the message is a response and is threaded, the signature is at the bottom of the thread.

    Suggestion is the signature should be added at the end of the new message text, not at the end of the thread.

    Thank you.

  • Dan Wallace commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was going to add this same idea myself... I wish I could add more votes!!

    I've been looking at ways to resolve this issue using CF, and thought I'd found a way by specifying a "<<SIG>>" code in the Outlook signature, then using the CF Search and Replace option, but unfortunately this only allows one word to be suplimented. If this could be tweaked to allow an HTML file to be inserted where the "macro" is, then this would be a quick and easy solution while a full solution is investigated.
    Implementing this together with the much needed personal macros and potention AD macros mentioned in several other suggestions, eg $Firstname$, $lastname$, $jobTitle$, $PhoneNumber$ , would be a vast improvement.

    The signature capabilities within MDaemon are very poor by comparison to the features offered by Exchange and as an administrator looking for more control, thanks to business demands for consistency, and marketing dept demands for adding marketing messages to outgoing emails, this is something that is weakening my support for what has been a fantastic product in the 10 years I've been using it.

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