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Overhaul signature system

Implement a fully functional Corporate signature system:
1. Allows a full set of macros to be used so that a fully dynamic signature can be built rather than having to rely on on a mixture of both Outlook and MDaemon. Things like $FirstName$, $LatsName$, $JobTitle$, $PhoneNumber$, $Department$
2. Allow macros to pull in Active Directory user data.
3. Build in ability to position signature at the end of your reply rather than bunching them all up at the end of a long message thread... it looks very unprofessional!
4. Perhaps in conjuction with the Outlook NewMail/Reply feature, use the CF search and Replace to allow different corporate signatures to be appended (in the correct position).
5. Keep in mind the need for marketing departments to be able to add their blurb to emails too... this is becoming more and more important, so while the functionality is there with CF already, it needs to be tidied up so that positioning is correct, as per corporate signature.

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  • Webmaster commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    MDAEMON individual signature should be at the end of the message created, not at the end of the entire thread. Domain signature is appropriate to be at the end of the thread.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I've asked more or less the same with several mails and discussions starting from 2012.
    Together with a fix to the still not working embedded images in the domain signature was many times promised with the next version.
    The versions are passed, the years are gone and the issues are still open/unsolved

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