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Domain autoresponder

Add an autoresponder at a domain level so it can be use for all MDaemon accounts when all accounts are out of office (e.g. when company is closed for holidays). This can be actually done by the Content Filter but it not work as the single autoresponder (which, for example sends the auto-response only first time).

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You can limit the responses by using the write to file and header doesn’t contain words in a file actions. Below is a sample rule:

Condition01=X-MDaemon-Deliver-To|contains|AND|company.mail| Condition02=X-Return-Path|not contained in file|AND|email.txt| Condition03=FROM|does not contain|AND|company.mail|
Action01=send note|“to <$SENDER$>”,"from “,”subject “,”“,”This is a test.“,”“,”THanks,"
Action02=add line to text file|“Email.txt”,“$SENDER$”

You will need to delete the contents of the email.txt file at whatever frequency you would like addresses to begin receiving the message again.


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