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Showing Whitelisted entries as such in the logs


Our background is Barracuda and this request is straight from our experience following our switch from Barracuda to Security Gateway.

At the moment, the SG log shows all delivered mail as "Delivered" in green.

The problem with this is that, in the first month of fine tuning a new installation, one has to look at each individual "Delivered" mail to work out if it was delivered because it was whitelisted or simply because it passed the spam checks. Then, when you know it passed the spam checks, you then examine it to check if you should blacklist the sender, etc...

What would be really helpful is this :

a) Emails that came through because they were whitelisted
should show as Blue with the word "Whitelisted".
(The Barracuda uses a black font for "Whitelisted", so
maybe you should use blue for the font).

b) Whitelisted emails should have a reason other than the standard "None". For example : "Hostname whitelist", "Email address whitelist", "IP whitelist", "Rule whitelist".

c) Sorting emails on DELIVERED emails only would then either ignore all whitelisted emails or, better, you could have two sort options : DELIVERED, and DELIVERED OR WHITELISTED.


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