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Split the SMTP (in) log in several files

The "SMTP (in) log" (and screen) is a very useful tool for debugging and/or checking when someone complaints an email is "missing".

However, due to the amount of useless traffic spammers and crackers generate it can be full of useless information.

I think that an option should be given to split the SMTP (in) in the following categories:

a) SMTP (in accepted): Only logs sessions where an email has been delivered

b) SMTP (in rejected): Only logs sessions where an email has been rejected after the DATA command (for example with a 550 this looks as SPAM)

c) SMTP (in failures): Only logs sessions that have failed after the DATA command but before the server could have sent the the response to the DATA command.

d) SMTP (in auth): Only logs sessions that failed before the DATA command due to an authentication issue.

e) SMTP (in probes): Sessions that do not fail but QUIT before issuing a DATA command.

f) SMTP (in blocked): Sessions that are rejected for some other reason (i.e. Screen host)

g) SMTP (in other): Am I forgetting something?

If this is implemented I think that it should be optional OR if it is not optional an extra option should be given to keep a full SMTP (in) log as it currently is (I wouldn't choose to keep the full SMTP (in) but I can understand why some people would prefer it).

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