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    It is not currently possible to have multiple users logged into the same WorldClient account at the same time. I’ll add this to our list of features to consider for future versions.

    There are a couple of alternatives that may help you. First you could use IMAP to access the account. When using IMAP multiple people can be logged into the same account at the same time. Another option would be to configure messages sent to to be delivered to a public folder which can be accessed by multiple users. If you’d like help setting this up please contact our support department. All of our support options can be found at

    Thanks again for submitting your idea.


    Anonymous commented  · 

    Hi, I would also like the ability to have several users concurrently logged into the same generic (i.e. info@) worldclient address without having to add the account to each person's Outlook etc. At the moment as soon as a 2nd person logs on to the same account in Worldclient it will log off the 1st person. Please add this to the wishlist!

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